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May. 1975 MELCO founded as an audio equipment manufacturer.
Aug. 1978 MELCO Inc. established.
Markets a high-end string driven turntable.
Jul. 1981 Enters personal computer peripherals market. P-ROM Writer "RPP-01"P-ROM Writer 'RPP-01'
Nov. 1982 Launches Printer Buffer"PB-32". Printer Buffer"PB-32"
Printer Buffer'PB-32'
Oct. 1986 Opens a sales branch in Tokyo.
Oct. 1988 Markets Japan's first EMS board. EMS board "EMJ-8000"
EMS board 'EMJ-8000'
Sep. 1990 Established BUFFALO LOGISTICS INC.กก
Sep. 1991 Opens an office in Osaka.
Oct. 1991 MELCO registered with JASDAQ market.
Jan. 1992 Opens High-Technology Center in Nagoya.
Jun. 1992 Forms BUFFALO TECHNOLOGY INC., in Taiwan.
Aug. 1992 Markets LAN and CPU accelerators. LAN "NLP98-U"

CPU Accelerator"HSP-D2S" CPU Accelerator'HSP-D2S'
May. 1993 Enters multimedia field with Windows Accelerator. Windows Accelerator "WAB-S" Windows Accelerator 'WAB-S'
Oct. 1993 Receives US Mentor Graphics' PCB Technology Award.
Mar. 1994 Fully enters data storage drives, becoming a comprehensive PC peripherals manufacturer. Hard disk "DNA-515" Hard disk 'DNA-515'
Sep. 1994 Receives NSB* "Over-the-Counter Blue Chip Stock" award.
(*Nihon Shortwave Broadcasting Corporation)
Jan. 1995 Expands the line-ups of IBM PC peripherals.
Listed in second section of Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Aug. 1995 Listed in second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Sep. 1995 Receives ISO 9001 certification.
Nov. 1995 Began marketing DOS/V component PCs; shifted emphasis from manufacture of computer peripheral devices to manufacture of PC components. DOS/V component PCsDOS/V component PCs
Dec. 1995 Opened agencies in Fukuoka and Sendai. (now the Sendai and Fukuoka sales offices)
Jan. 1996 Markets ISDN Remote Brouter.
Jul. 1996 MELCO TECHNO SCHOOL INC. commenced operations at its computer technology school. (Japan)
Sep. 1996 Listed in the first section of Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.
Oct. 1996 Marketed Component PC "Mini-Compo".
Marketed Liquid Crystal Display "FTD" series.
Made CFD SALES INC. a subsidiary.
Feb. 1997 Opened Nagoya Customer Support Center. (Japan)
Apr. 1997 Opened Akihabara Customer Support Center. (Japan)
Oct. 1997 Introduced divisional organization. Opened Osaka Customer Support Center. (Japan)
Jan. 1998 TechWorks(Delaware),Inc.became a subsidiary. (U.S.A)
Apr. 1998 Markets PC/100 compatible memory "VSJ" series.
Sep. 1998 Opened Atsuta Office. (Japan)
Dec. 1998 Acquired TechWorks (UK) Limited and TechWorks (Ireland) Limited.
Jan. 1999 Launched the wireless LAN to the market.
Aug. 1999 MELCO FINANCE INC. commenced operations in securities.
Nov. 1999 Began marketing memory for Rambus devices.
Feb. 2000 Established BUFFALO TECHNOLOGY (U.S.A.),INC.
Apr. 2000 Began marketing the wireless LAN "AirStation".
Jun. 2000 Opened Nagoya Station Office Center. (Japan)
Oct. 2000 Received Good Design Award for AirStation wireless LAN Wireless LAN / AirStation AirStation
Jan. 2001 Began Internet service business; Obained Enviromental System ISO14001 Certification.
Received ISO 14001 certification.
Formed BUFFALO Service Alliance.
Mar. 2001 Established joint venture company Digital Reuse Inc.
Oct. 2001 Received Good Design Awards for card reader and CD-RW drive
card reader card reader CD-RW drive CD-RW drive
Jul. 2002 Announced FreeSpot to promote Internet wireless spot service.
Oct. 2002 Received Good Design Award for AirStation wireless LAN Wireless LAN / AirStation AirStation
Mar. 2003 BUFFALO LEASE INC. began broadband equipment rental business
Oct. 2003 Established Melco Online Entertainment Corp.
MELCO HOLDINGS INC.listed in first section of Tokyo Stock Exchange & Nagoya Stock Exchange.
Shifted to a holding company system.
Received Good Design Awards for BroadBand router and Wireless LAN and Hard disk

Wireless LAN / WLA-G54C AirStation
BroadBand router / WHR2-G54 AirStation
Hard disk / HD-HLAN series HD
Feb. 2004 Launched the Network Media Player "LinkTheater"
Jun. 2004 Established MELCO PERSONNEL SUPPORT INC. as an agency for temporary staf
Aug. 2004 Established MELCO ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED to provide advice on funds management
Sep. 2004 Wireless spot service "FREESPOT" exceeds 2,000 registered locations.
Dec. 2004 Established Melco Techno-Service Inc.
Dec. 2005 Wireless spot service "FREESPOT" exceeds 3,000 registered locations.
Apr. 2006 Cumulative sales of the Wireless LAN "AirStation" exceed 10 million units.
Apr. 2007 MELCO HOLDINGS INC. made ARVEL INC. as aconcolidated subsidiary.
May. 2007 M.T.S INC. changed its company name to BUFFALO IT SOLUTIONS.
Aug. 2007 ARVEL INC. changed its company name to BUFFALO KOKUYO SUPPLY.
May. 2008 Launched the full-segment tuners for terrestrial broadcasts. AirStation
Mar. 2009 MELCO HOLDINGS INC.'s head office moved to Minami-ku, Nagoya
Sep. 2010 MELCO HOLDINGS INC.'s head office moved to Naka-ku, Nagoya
Nov. 2010 Established MELCO (BEIJING) INC.
Oct. 2011 Melco Holdings Inc. makes JDS Inc. (now Buffalo Memory Co., Ltd.) its consolidated subsidiary.
Mar. 2012 Buffalo Tech do Brasil Ltda established in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Apr. 2012 Buffalo Inc. absorbs Buffalo Kokuyo Supply Inc.
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