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   Memory Products
¡üMemory Products
Memory modules are designed to increase a computer¡Çs memory capacity. Adding more capacity enables the computer to handle more programs and data simultaneously, reduces Windows start-up time, speeds up the image copying process, offers more comfortable switching between applications, and otherwise allows the computer to process things faster and more efficiently.
¡üFlash Memory Products
Flash memory devices help you carry your data with you. They come in a range of forms. USB flash drives, offer a broad variety, including everything from those with chic designs to high-security models with built-in password protection and virus checking. SD cards, micro SD cards, and compact flash devices, are used with digital cameras and mobile phones.
   Storage Products
Storage products are designed to store software and data. We offer external hard disk drives, portable hard disk drives, network attached storage (NAS), and external Blu-ray drives, not to mention the silicon-based SSD, which offers compact size, silent running, and resistance to shock.
¡üExternal hard disk drives
These are our biggest seller, comprising the majority of sales of our storage products. They are designed to store computer-generated data, as well as photos and videos shot using digital video cameras. Demand for hard disk drives for TV recording is increasing as recently more people have been looking to record digital TV programs to HDD.
¡üNetwork Attached Storage (NAS)
A NAS is a device that can be connected to a network and allows multiple computers and digital home appliances shared access to the data stored on the large-capacity memory. We offer a range of NAS, including everything from compact models for use at home to reliable, high-spec devices for business use. Recently, NAS increasingly used as private cloud storage that allow data stored at home to be accessed remotely by smartphone. New models that can be set up directly and do not require connection to a computer are gaining in popularity among consumers.
   Network ¡õ Broadband Products
Our primary network products are wireless LAN routers, wired routers, LAN hubs, and LAN adapters. Using these, it is possible to share data among multiple computers and connect to the Internet. Wireless LAN routers, in particular, are becoming widely used in home networks because they require no troublesome wiring and are compatible with increasingly popular smartphones. Indeed, wireless LANs are becoming more widespread as mobile Wi-Fi routers enable consumers to connect to the Internet while outside the home using tablet devices and other devices capable of connecting to wireless LAN.
   Digital Home Products
Digital home products are peripheral devices designed to make digital home appliances more enjoyable. Melco Group, we are expanding our lineup of convenient digital home appliance peripherals, which now includes Omoidebako, which allows you to easily store all of your digital photos, sorts them automatically for you, and lets you view them on your large-screen TV. There is also Choi Tele i, a portable TV tuner for your iPhoneR, iPadR, and iPod touchR. We also offer full-automatic TV recorders that record all programs on up 8 channels for eight days without the hassle of setting the timer to record them.
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   Supplies ¡õ Accessories
We offer an extensive array of accessories, ranging from mouses, keyboards, and other input devices to cases and protective films for currently popular smartphones and tablet devices. We also provide multimedia devices like web cameras and headsets, as well as USB cables and other wiring items. We have everything you need to use your computer and digital home appliance with more comfort and enjoyment.
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   DOS/V Parts
We offer high-spec DOS/V parts for advanced high-end users under the Kurouto Shikou (expert-oriented) brand name. We are aiming to be a provider of a comprehensive range of computer components with which users can feel fulfillment and satisfaction through building their computers from scratch by trial and error.
other products
We offer steadfast support services such as in-home computer set-up for consumer, advance site surveys for corporate wireless LANs as well as installation of such networks. We also provide maintenance support, and even outsource call center operations.
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