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The Digital Life Promotion Association
The Digital Life Promotion Association (DLPA) was established in February 2010 by three computer peripherals companies.I-O Data Device, Inc., DigiOn, Inc. and Melco Holdings Inc. Created to help encourage the sound development of °»digital life,°… the DLPA is involved in a range of activities to facilitate the creation of an environment that enables consumers to enjoy digital life more easily. These include an advocacy ad on user-friendliness in digital devices and a vision for the future, providing TV viewers with useful information on recorded programs, planning and offering services to recover recorded data, and other initiatives for a better digital environment.
Support for Rebuilding Networks after the Great East Japan Earthquake
After setting up 1,000 free wireless LAN access points in 2011, we at the Melco Group provided what help we could in 2012 to get internal networks back up and running at local government buildings that suffered from damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Dubbed the °»Buffalo Network Rescue Squad,°… our employees helped rebuild networks at nine local government buildings and eight evacuation shelters. At the same time, we also provided °»Freespot°… equipment free of charge. Here at the Melco Group, we will remain dedicated to doing whatever we can to help ravaged communities in disaster situations.
The Melco Foundation
Initially founded as a corporate foundation in 2007 as part of a social contribution project to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Melco Group, the Melco Foundation was reincorporated on April 1, 2011 as a public interest incorporated foundation. Through funding of research into Japanese management accounting practice, the foundation seeks to promote the development and spread of management accounting, and to contribute to the development of scholarship and culture in Japan. In fiscal 2011, the foundation held an international symposium at the Nagoya University Noyori Conference Hall to commemorate its fifth anniversary, and provided grants to 339 researchers. We hope that their work will result in the broad awareness of the importance of management accounting and that the outcomes of their research will benefit society.
The 'Forest' Management
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